FMS Solution

Why Fraud Management?

Fraud continues to be a major challenge for operators and governmental entities in telecom industry. According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) 2017 survey, the industry loses over $29B annually. In addition to direct financial loss, fraud poses reputation risk for organizations as well. Although many Telcos have implemented data analytics systems to combat fraud, this is not a straight-forward task to accomplish due to.

  • Diversity of data sources: In addition to various types of CDR, data from other systems such as CRM, ERP, Call Center, Self-care and many third-party sources must be used to combat fraud most effectively.
  • High volume and velocity of data: In a medium-sized telecom operator, terabytes of data is generated daily which must be processed and analyzed either in real-time or in batch mode
  • Short time frame :  for many fraud types late detection is of no use, since it would be too costly to return the amount lost.
  • Dynamic nature of fraud: fraud methods evolve and get more complicated day by day to evade all detection mechanisms.
  • Cruciality of low false positive: false fraud detection affects innocent subscribers, making them highly unsatisfied and prone to churn.

Our Solution

Mohaymen FMS is a comprehensive solution leveraging proprietary software platforms integrated and customized based on a decade of experience in fighting telecom fraud.

  • Data Integration: All the available structured data sources, regardless of their structure, are easily integrated and plugged into the system to be used in different stages of fraud management process.
  • Investigation: A wide range of expert rules and innovative machine learning models are combined into detection strategies and run over data to detect different types of fraud in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Risk Analytics (Expert Rules + ML Models): A wide range of expert rules and innovative machine learning models are combined into detection strategies and run over data to detect different types of fraud in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Performance Monitoring: All important metrics related to data quantity, data quality, detection strategy performance, investigator performance, etc are monitored to assure the system is working properly.
  • Data Warehouse: A high performance data warehouse manages hundreds of billions of records.

Implementing FMS
Based On Mohaymen’s Proprietary Software Platforms


Performance monitoring is implemented based on Mohaymen Business Analytics Platform. It consists of a high performance built-in data warehouse and a wide range of tools for designing reports and dashboards.

Data Integration and Risk Analytics are implemented based on Mohaymen Data Integration & Analytics Platform. It consists of a studio environment for visual design of ETL & analytics data flows that can be run on distributed engines leveraging various technologies.

Investigation forms and workflows are implemented based on Mohaymen Case Management Platform. It consists of a BPM based workflow engine, a form generator and a wide range of collaboration features in addition to reporting and analysis tools required by fraud investigators.

Our Advantage

We approach customers with three manifest characteristics, derived from our culture:

  • Considering our customers situations and constraints, we show a high level of Flexibility in terms of financial models, planning, compatibility with other vendors and all other aspects related to enterprises selecting a new vendor.
  • Minor challenges will not stop our progress and customer satisfaction will not reduce our thirst for creating more value and reaching a higher level of quality. This Proactiveness will either solve upcoming issues or will allow us to provide our customers with alternative ways to reach their goals when facing real obstacles.
  • When agreement on a specific course of action has been reached, we will lose no time trying our best to deliver our customers expectations and beyond. For us Agility is in no means a tradeoff and is a critical factor that will be constantly monitored and cared for.