CMER Solution

A systematic solution to register, manage and enforce policies for all mobile equipment in the countries entire network.

Our Success Story

We understand the dynamics of the increasing number of smuggled and counterfeit mobile phones; regulators and operators worldwide are faced with the challenge of finding foolproof solutions to prevent the usage of such devices on mobile networks.

Central Mobile Equipment Registry (CMER)

Central Mobile Equipment Registry or CMER solution offers an advanced whitelist based EIR allowing operators to control devices to be used on the network. With this CMER solution, only authorized devices will be able to register to the network. Authorized devices are identified by their IMEIs and can be handheld, dongle, tablet, modem, router and such alike devices. CMER solution allows regulators to fight device theft and illegal device import and consequently increase device tax and duty revenues. It also allows law enforcement agencies to track device usage on all mobile operators countrywide.
With our success story in implementing CMER in IRANs network, with more than 140 million subscribers, we are confident that our solution will effectively address any countries’ regulation needs regarding mobile equipment.

Main Benefits

  • To revitalize government’s missing revenue through taxes and duties for mobile equipment devices that are using the network.
  • To protect people from using harmful handhelds that have not been authorized and disseminate unstandardized electromagnetic power.
  • To protect the interests of the beneficiaries in countries’ market from the theft of mobile phones since it is not just a financial loss but also a threat to personal life of citizens.
  • To protect the interests of the beneficiaries in the market from counterfeit mobile phones (illegal copies of popular brands and models of mobile phones) with fake IMEI numbers.
  • To provide the beneficiaries in the market with comfortable usage conditions, by preventing the import of low-quality mobile devices of unknown origin.
  • To protect the degradation of Quality of Service, since counterfeit mobile phones congest mobile networks thereby affecting the quality of service to consumers.
  • To protect the interests of the commercial sector in the telecom market from unfair competition; by preventing the entry of mobile terminal equipment to the country through illegal ways and routes, and protecting intellectual property rights (IPR) from counterfeit mobile phones, which is a request for international trade rules.
  • To provide government with enhanced knowledge of the country’s telecom device market for regulatory and policy-making purposes.

Main Functionalities

Enhanced Equipment Identity Register

Providing an active EIR node in signalling core in 2G, 3G & 4G networks, responding to all MSCs, SGSNs & MMEs check requests to enforce policies & device detection and that integrates with a number of systems

  • BSS to manage subscribers information systems via CRM or provisioning & to provide VAS
  • Channel gateways (SMS-GW, USSD-GW & SIP-P) to provide public channels
  • CRM ticketing system to provide back office service for MNO’s call centers
  • Trouble ticketing system to provide service maintenance & support for OSS team

Equipment Identity Management

  • Advanced national mobile equipment whitelist based on IMEI/MSISDN pairs, driving local blacklists in MNOs EIR based on IMEI/IMSI pairs
  • Real time analysis of every single IMEI_CHECK transaction to manage policy enforcement based on configured rules & procedures
  • Dynamic I/O interface to connect to 3rd party systems to communicate data in different formats such as data files & web service
    connect to GSMA or any other lookup data
  • Detecting cloned & counterfeit IMEIs alongside invalid IMEIs v Capable of large scale log management & archiving

Trader Management

Providing traders with an easy-to-use interface to upload information related to legally imported equipment and that secures traders IMEIs by providing activation code allocation infrastructure. It Supports customizable enrichment of imported data such as trade ID number and is integrated with with other systems including

  • legacy systems to check extra policies such as sample SAR assessment
  • to cross check IMEIs with data from Customs

Consumer Management

  • Providing public inquiry service to guard customer rights
  • Providing device ownership management for subscribers via binding & activation or IMEI transfer.
  • Providing multichannel infrastructure including Web Application, Smartphone Application, USSD, SMS
  • Providing real time notification for illegal devices to inform consumers from scams


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