Telecom Group


Our mission is to provide innovative products and solutions that will bring value for our customers and importantly for their customers. With a holistic knowledge of technological trends in the telecom industry and a wide portfolio of cutting edge products and services, we are confident that we can provide tailor-made solutions for telecom entities that will meet their exact needs and that opens new opportunities for business development and service enhancement.


Our efforts within our first steps

Mohaymen’s Telecom Group works in line with Mohaymen’s targets in providing products and solutions that have socio-economic impact. The large-scale solutions we provide are used wide-spread within nations. By helping to prevent smuggling and by lowering crime rates of mobile equipment will naturally have life-time effects and by ensuring that policies are being enforced will considerably help the county’s legal trading system and overall economics making such solutions highly valuable and sensitive.


When we started our work

Although the telecom industry in this country has already begun its journey in advancing ICT technologies, before we entered this market the industry’s numerous systems with interconnected procedures and highly valuable data had no means in being integrated with one another. Through our solutions we aim to remove these barriers and aid different agencies and organizations working in the Telecom industry as well as in government ministries to work along side one another to produce national solutions that can be beneficial for all parties involved – the government, telecom industry and its consumers. Furthermore, we have undertaken projects that had previously failed in the country with severe side-effects. Our team has successfully turned them to useable solutions with 99.9% availability, by focusing on individual modules and providing solutions for all possible vulnerabilities. This means that before and during the development of our projects and solutions their technical requirements and specifications are fully investigated and considered by our team.


Technology Stack

A combination of established and modern technology has been deployed within this solution – chosen based on their functionalities, speed, etc.

  • Java, C
  • Message Broker (Kafka)
  • RDBMS (Oracle, MSSQL, MariaDB)
  • NoSQL (Casandra)
  • Apache Stack (Camel, Tomcat , …….)
  • Elastic Search


The future that we strive for

For the next five years, we are working to expand our value-added services for mobile operators; including exciting opportunities in providing different bundles for different scenarios.