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We are a team of telecom experts that have spent time to understand the industry’s needs and along with our elite technical engineers we provide telecommunication players including operators and regulators with solutions to enhance their services and to boost their productivity and performance by integrating a portfolio of products and services based on their requirements and resources.

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Register, manage and enforce policies

The solutions we provide aids law enforces, ministries, telecom administrators and mobile operators to register, manage and enforce their policies. From providing professional services to implementing end to end solutions, we are proud to develop a rich track of success stories in different lanes of the telecom industry in Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance, Mobile Equipment Registration, Network Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Network Security, Lawful Interception, Business Intelligence, Service Optimization and etc.

CMER Solution


Fraud Management System Solution

In developing a fraud management system we aim to combat illegal termination of international calls (bypass fraud) in Iran’s mobile and fixed-line network. Using sophisticated analytics on billions of records of data, the system detects more than 500 numbers a day, in a near-realtime manner, which has resulted in a near 50 percent boost in the international call incoming traffic routing through the country’s international gateway.

FMS Solution