Security Group


The use of the web to maintain and share information in organizations is a common and inevitable practice. The increase in data volumes, the need to quickly transfer information as well as changes in the lifestyle of users has all led to the inevitable use of network-based tools in organizations. Similar to the increase of the amount of usage of the digital world and data being placed on the web, techniques of attacking information resources have also risen.

Organizations dealing with classified and confidential information face risks of infiltration of data sources through internal or global networks and data leakage through gateways. The possibility of losing military, security or financial information and or the breach of privacy of individuals, raises annual costs for ensuring security of digital data sources.

The bulk of cyber threats and the many ways that each of these threats are addressed will only confuse the users and make decision makers face the dilemmas of deciding and choosing the right solution. Meanwhile, when the range of threats goes beyond the national borders and are drawn into the international realm, everything becomes more complicated and confusing. In our view, the only appropriate manner to deal with such confusion and dispersion is to design and implement comprehensive solutions.

We view security as a comprehensive topic and believe that its delivery should be done in a single strategy for all areas within a coordinated and comprehensive manner. Mohaymen’s security group, by placing experts in different security branches next to each other and after reviewing the position of each institution or organization and identifying all their weaknesses and threats, as well as taking into account the specific needs of our customers, we ensure the delivery of solutions at the possible lowest cost but with high performance.