Consultation and Implementation for IPv6

Selecting migration methods, designing, implementing and securing the IPv6 network and holding workshops

Migration to IPv6

Due to the expiration of IPv4 addresses and the impossibility of direct communication between IPv4-only nodes with IPv6-specific nodes, the support of IPv4 will eventually come to an end and must be replaced by the IPv6 protocol. Although this process may take several decades, it is deemed inevitable. In the process of migrating to IPv6, there is the possibility to overhaul the network design and to resolve the problems in IPv4 without the hassle and presence of new problems in IPv6. The security group with special investment to the design and implementation of IPv6 networks and through its elite and powerful employees in this field offers its consultancy services regarding migration methodologies and IPv6 network security and by taking into consideration migration methodologies in different periods, existing equipment and support level, they design and implement appropriate network.


Develop and implement a migration roadmap for IPv6

  • Understand the organization’s network architecture
  • Review services provided by the organization
  • Assess the organization’s network to benefit from IPv6 capabilities
  • Estimated status of the organization’s network for migrating to IPv6
  • Select the migration method to IPv6
  • Provide IPv6 architecture and its security plans
  • Develop and implement a detailed IPv6 implementation plan
  • Implementation of an IPv6 Roadmap


IPv6 training workshops

  • Workshop 1: IPv6 introductory training includes a general understanding of the challenges & opportunities of security and businesses created by the IPv6 protocol, major differences between IPv6 and IPv4 and migration methods.
  • Workshop 2: Professional IPv6 Training with Technical Details (Pre-requisite: Workshop 1)
  • Workshop 3: IPv6 security including detailed description of IPv6 vulnerabilities and threats and their solutions (Pre-requisite: Workshop 1)