Centralized antivirus system

Powerful engine scans all suspicious files in a virtual and isolated environment, without security problems caused by common antivirus updates.

How does it work?

Malwares are constantly being developed worldwide and have the ability to bypass platform protections and antivirus scanners. Their signatures are not available on valid and credible anti-viruses and hence are able to infect the organization’s entire network through an infected file sent through external devices, emails and so forth. If an anti-virus becomes suspicious of such malwares but does not have the ability to accurately detect them, during updates it may send the infected file to their vendor for further analysis and henceforth the organizations information (within the infected file) will be leaked accordingly.

Our centralized antivirus system gives users the ability to scan suspicious files before they run on the organization’s actual network. The multi-layered architecture of this system makes it possible to scan suspicious files in a single, isolated environment by creating virtual environments. Scan operations are performed by several credible worldwide antivirus engines and results are sent to the user. After each scan, the virtual environment returns to its original state, making it impossible for systems to become infected by malware.