Prevent Leakage and Release of Information

A system for preventing pollution and disseminating information through USB memory ports.

How does it work?

A USB port on a system can allow data leakage and unauthorized access and or the entry of infected files and malware to the network. Mohaymen’s hardware system to prevent leakage information is a secure tool to access to the contents of stored within memory devices. The user connects it to this hardware system instead of directly plugging it into the USB port. The system allows the user to access the content of the memory by way of a web-based admin panel and in the network context. This device is a custom operating system that prevents malware from accessing the network. Additionally, by defining the different user access levels, it is also possible to manage data logging from the network.


Main components of the system

  • Anti-Virus Scanner
    The virus scanner device consists of several credible antiviruses with automated updates that examine all of the memory files in a virtual environment and which eliminates malware and infections before permitting access to the user.
  • USB Server
    The data entry and exit control device controls the flow of information by each user by defining the rules and access levels and provides a data transmission report to the monitoring unit.
  • Wiper
    A tool for removing information from a memory stick without the possibility of data retrieval through the use of credible algorithms in eliminating information.



  • Prevent and restrict entry and exit of files
  • Memory Stick authentication
  • Monitor and view user performance reports
  • Removal of Virus and Malware from memory sticks
  • Ability to disassemble information in the memory stick
  • Ability to connect as a guest
  • Back-up of existing files in the repository
  • Use of English and Persian language within the system
  • Grouping users and determining the access level of each group
  • Review and view events by the administrator (Audit log).
  • Determine a list of keywords and review and limit the entry and exit of information based on this list
  • Ability to customize and add new plug-ins