Security Group

Since the establishment of the company, one of our main approaches has been to enhance the security of information exchange and to attempt to localize technology within this field. With our integrated look at enhancing security and delivering products and solutions, vulnerabilities within the entire service life cycle and business processes of the organization are identified, reviewed and analyzed and prevention, detection approaches and appropriate countermeasures are reported accordingly.

This is our story

In recent years, we have gained valuable experience in designing, implementing and executing comprehensive security solutions for both large governmental and private organizations in the country and in this regard we are leaders in the country in the field of security.


Risk Taker

Integrated and centralized management of security within the organization is automated and mechanized within a framework based on the ISMS standard

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Centralized antivirus system

Powerful engine scans all suspicious files in a virtual and isolated environment, without security problems caused by common antivirus updates

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Hardware System to Prevent Leakage and Release of Information

A system for preventing pollution and disseminating information through USB memory ports

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Security assessment and penetration testing

Implement the complete and comprehensive process of security assessment and penetration testing, identify all vulnerabilities and threats and provide solutions to problems and security enhancements.

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Consultation and Implementation for IPv6

Selecting migration methods, designing, implementing and securing the IPv6 network and holding workshops

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