Mohaymen’s secure operating system

Eliminating the dangers of security weaknesses in all layers of smartphone operating systems in the form of a custom-built mobile operating system.

Mohaymen’s secure operating system has been designed to meet the needs of specific mobile smartphone users, such as those serving the military or belonging to some form of security organization that whom require full security of their cellphones as well as being assured that their calls and information are not being listened to and tracked.


How does it work?

Ensure mobile security across all user and operating layers

Mobile operating systems have multi-layer structures and one of these layers is responsible for managing any software or hardware component. In order to provide complete security of information, security measures should be taken on all operating system layers that have been dealt with in a secure, high-end operating system.


Exclusive operating system for specific cellphones or SIM cards

Mayhem’s secure operating system can be made exclusively for specific cellphones or SIM cards. In other words, such exclusive operating systems cannot be used on any other cellphone or with any other SIM card.


Warn users about abnormal conditions

In Mohaymen’s secure operating system, the power information network is monitored and in the event that the IMSI Catcher is active, the user is alerted. Also, all cellphone activities and parameters, such as battery consumption and CPU processes, are continuously monitored to detect anomalies and provide users with necessary warnings.


Include the programs and content you want by default in the operating system

When you use a commissioned operating system, you will be able to set your desired programs and content as default in the operating system. Organizations can provide their employees secured mobile phones with a specific set of applications, information and features as well as depriving them of any unrelated applications or even remove installed applications. It is also possible that the operating system can be remotely and completely erased (elimination of the operating system).


Have all the features of “Mohaymen’s Secure Mobile Phone”

Mohaymen’s secure operating system also has all the features within “Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone”; including features such as a secure conversation and messenger platform, full control of communication portals, storing information in an encrypted manner, full control and supervision of all user activities and the inability to retrieve information.


A special operating system commissioned for specific users

Even for many non-military organizations, having a special-purpose mobile smartphone operating system is a privilege. For example, students who use tablets as educational tools maybe restricted by schools and parents that are sensitive on their use for certain programs. This style of providing special applications for specific users is another great feature of Mohaymen’s secure operating system that while preserving performance also provides regulation.