Secure Mobile Phone

Eliminating the dangers of security issues and weaknesses in smartphones through a complete software package.

By installing a complete secure cellphone package on Android smartphones, users will be able to secure their cellphones against attacks and spyware.


How does it work?

Secure safe storage for conversations and content and message transmissions

In Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone, conversations, content (voice and image) and messages (SMS and MMS) are encrypted from your mobile device and transferred accordingly. For this purpose, you can use predetermined algorithms or any other arbitrary algorithm for encryption. There is the possibility of placing encryption for specific users, while for the remaining users normal calls and messaging features are permitted. The transmission platform is not limited and Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone has the ability of using WiFi, 3G and GPRs. It is also possible to choose the quality of the conversation through various vocoders, such that they do not interfere with various conversational platforms.


Take full control of USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth ports

In this product, one can monitor and control the immensity of using cellphone ports such as USB, WiFi and bluetooth. By defining passwords, usage of ports can be constrained for pre-defined specific items, disable all ports, limit the connections to IPs and specified ports, block all WAP Push messages, define permitted USSD codes while blocking other codes.


Turn your mobile phone into a trusted personal assistant

Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone lets you send messages watermarked or encrypted and displays it in the work schedule of individuals. In this way, you can use this product to carry out missions, determine the time and place of meetings, and meeting reminders in a secure manner.


Store all information in an encrypted manner

All information, including contact information, SMS, MMS, and so forth, are stored securely in Mohaymens secure mobile phone product and cannot be recovered without passwords. Passwords can also be used to permit and restrict access to mobile programs and content including contact lists, apps, gallery and even calls.


Control and monitor all user activities

Everything in Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone is at your complete control. Users are required to be informed of any new software being installed on the smartphone. This prevents cellphone violation through attacker software. This feature is also featured on Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone but notably this does no way eliminate or stop any necessary software.


Eliminate the possibility of retrieving data

When information and content is deleted from any mobile user, it is easy to retrieve back. In Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone, in the case that information or content stored is required to be deleted, this process is carried out in such a way that no information can be retrieved. The mobile processing power during the uninstallation procedure is also set up in such a manner that it cannot interfere with other functions.