Notification System for Managers

Informing events and sharing content in a targeted, timely and effective manner for managers in a secure communication platform.

SAM is a hardware-software system that includes servers, communication platforms and user interface that is used to provide timely and effective information to administrators. In SAM, in addition to security considerations, features have been created to provide any content easily and through an intelligent tablet.


How does it work?

Create and publish content to any format you want

In the SAM server, you can create content in a variety of text, audio and image formats. SAMs server supports all common audio and image formats as well as HTML and subsequently sends content in an appropriate format for users.


Create a secure and fast platform for the transfer of content and message

Platform for transfering content and messages in SAM is completely secure and everything is transmitted in a cumbersome manner between the parties. Two-way authentication is performed using digital signatures and where the information exchanged between the server and the users is specifically coded for each other. This platform is not limited and SAM has the ability to use WiFi, 3G and GPRs. Also, to achieve maximum speed and quality, the traffic load of the information received on the server is automatically adjusted and, if necessary, the information is gradually received from the server and completed in the user department.


Search, browse, filter, label, categorize and write notes for information & news articles

All the features the user needs to handle incoming content is provided in the user interface. One of these features can be advanced news search, the ability to filter news according to different categories, the ability to tag and fetch received content, the ability to leave personal notes on the content, the ability to comment on any content and viewing comments, possibility of suggesting content be sent to other users and so forth.


Define access levels and have complete control over the performance of users

In the SAM admin panel that is located in the server, it is possible to define the role of each user in accordance with his roles and tasks, such as the content manager, the group manager and normal users. For each location, you can also provide proper access to the system. Each group can be managed individually and proprietary content is produced and published by specific manufacturers for a specific group of users. SAM’s admin panel, in addition to providing the reports and statistics required by the management, monitors the behavior of users through a complete log of user activity and alerts in case of abnormal situations. There is also a possibility to change the password, disconnect and remove users completely through the admin panel.


Possess the security version of SAM

The security version of SAM is designed for specific applications at a high security level. In this release, SAMs user interface is used on Mohaymen’s secure operating system. In this way, the system will also be secured on the operating system layer. Additionally, all communication networks are either managed or, if necessary, completely sterilized.


Other features

• Ability to used online and offline
• Supports SSL encryption protocol
• Define priority for users receiving various information
• Automatically updates the content in the user section
• Temporarily interrupts the process of receiving information and ability of being restarted by the user
• View news from websites that support RSS.
• Assemble the server to the appropriate hardware firewall and use IDS or IPS tools
• Encrypt information stored in the user’s external memory
• It is not possible to copy the content of the system, even from the user’s personal notes on the content
• Remotely removing information without requiring to recover software or hardware
• Automatically remove information at a defined expiration date or manually for any content
• Alerts users before data is being lost
• Control the loss of information by users