Proprietary Social Media

A proprietary social media that features conversations and messaging, interaction management, bulletin boards and the sharing of content and information.

Mohaymen’s Social Media besides providing common features of well-known public social media services (such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc.), use special techniques for fast, wide, and secure collaboration.


How does it work?

Have an interactive bulletin board

Informing people of news and announcements requires some form of billboard or informational networks. In this situation, it is highly important to receive information promptly and on time (informing of meetings, emergencies, …), for targeted users and in an interactive manner. Our proprietary social media, public chat feature can be defined for the entire organization or even for separate departments. Therefore, in addition to communicating with all employees, each member can announce their news and announcements on dedicated channels, receive feedback, and conduct interactive polls.


Set up a dedicated telephone network

The launch and support of a VOIP system is costly and troublesome for organizations. However, using Mohaymen’s proprietary social media domestic phone calls can be made at no extra costs.


Connect to other systems in your organization

Mohaymen’s proprietary social media can connect to other systems being used in your organization, such as human resource management, customer relationship management, project management and other internal automation systems, through using standard protocols such as XMPP and SIP.


Easily adjust your work schedule

A common task for organizations is to set, inform, coordinate and manage meetings and events; whereby in traditional systems, one or more secretaries would be usually responsible for such tasks. Now with Mohaymen’s proprietary social media, employees and administrators can easily update their personal calendar and share it with others.


Share your organization’s content without concerns

The need to share administrative and financial documents, reports, forms, documents, maps, pictures, movies and similar documents are the basic concerns of any organization. On the Mohaymen’s proprietary social media, there is the possibility of sharing documents and content in a variety of formats in specific workgroups such that people with appropriate access levels can easily access the content, while at the same time preventing access for unrelated and unauthorized people. Moreover, it is possible to share files that have been encrypted.


Easily connect with your customer’s portfolio

Organizations like banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, hotels and so forth are interested in constantly with our customers, such that they can provide timely information and can easily get feedback from their customers about the services they provide. Mohaymen’s proprietary social media, permits customers to be grouped in specified and defined groups to communicate with them at ease and at a high speed.


Easily manage small teams

Commonly small work teams are concerned with communicating and coordinating within their team. The manager of such teams, with the assistance of Mohaymen’s proprietary social media, can easily manage their team and keep in touch with all of their team members.


Send messages that can be later eliminated

Usually certain information within organizations should be reported to certain individuals and its removal should be guaranteed. In Mohaymen’s proprietary social media, messages can be removed after being read (and even if those not read) by the contact person within a short time.


Not limited to the type of cellphones and computers

Mohaymen’s proprietary social media is designed to work on various operating systems such as Android, iPhone and Windows and hence, in this regards, organizations are not constrained.