Mobile Products

Your need to take full advantage of the features in your smartphone is exactly what we have been looking for. With our stringent view on protecting privacy and ensuring security in the exchange of information within cyberspace, we have produced a product for the first time in the country, that today is being used by large communities of public and private users.

Secure Mobile Phone

Eliminating the dangers of security issues and weaknesses in smartphones through a complete software package.

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Mohaymen’s secure operating system

Eliminating the dangers of security weaknesses in all layers of smartphone operating systems in the form of a custom-built mobile operating system.

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Proprietary Social Media

A proprietary social media that features conversations and messaging, interaction management, bulletin boards and the sharing of content and information.

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Notification System for Managers

Informing events and sharing content in a targeted, timely and effective manner for managers in a secure communication platform.

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