Mobile Group


Attempting to control and restrict cellphone usage in todays society can be challenging and even impossible for many. Although, smartphones are highly attractive and have created enormous changes to our lifestyles, it has also created profound concerns. As a large amount of our personal information and that of those surrounding us are present within a platform, many people and groups, including manufactures of cellphones and related devices, can easily access and abuse such information. In fact, many of the features that make smartphones attractive can be tools for personal information abuse and theft.
We believe that users should have the possibility in making maximum use of the features offered by their smartphones through improved communication platforms, nationalization of mobile applications and providing culture-building practices/public marketing into its appropriate use. With this in mind, our mission is to provide full, accurate and secure use of cellphones through innovative products and solutions.


In regard to our approach in the smartphone phenomenon, we began our work by focusing on the production of large-scale distributed mobile applications designed using messaging technologies. We have taken great strides in improving communication platforms and nationalizing these software applications and developing several large-scale distributed software products such as a mobile-based social media that is currently being used by the public. Developing products is at the same time attractive as well as challenging and always requires the best solutions to achieve optimal performance.

When we started our work…

In 2010, when we decided to turn our attention to smartphone technology with our own concerns and goals, we were faced with a series of unresolved issues within the country. Until then, not only was there no effective action taken to improve security in this area, native social media software did not exist in the country; at a time when non-Iranian social media such as Viber were rapidly growing.

As one of the first knowledge-based companies in Iran with a concern to promote security in the use of smartphones, we began to produce products that were all produced for the first time in the country and admired by many. With the production of Mohaymen’s secure operating system and Mohaymen’s secure mobile phone, while addressing one of the biggest security concerns in smart mobile technologies, we were awarded the first prize from the Khwarizmi youth festival and received praises from large organizations including the Passport Office, Passive Defense Organization of Iran, Communication Regulatory Authority and the National Center for Cyberspace.

In 2011, we produced the very first fully-fledged Iranian social media system. Our proprietary social media is currently in use at various organizations and we have been constantly developing and improving our products with the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction and responding to our quality and security standards.

The future we are striving to achieve

In the next five years, we are working to create a major development in the field of commonly used technologies in organizations by creating innovative products and delivering services that have not been yet delivered.