STAR Data Analysis Platform

A platform to cover all your organization's needs in the analysis cycle - gathering, processing, analyzing, publishing

Analysis studio

STAR’s Analysis Studio is a powerful software for designing pre-processing, analysis and reporting processes using the Logic of Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs). In this software, a set of basic components, each of which perform specific processes or calculations, are provided to the analyst in a form of a toolbox and allows them to design their own analysis and computing processing on a variety of data sources as a process constituting of a chain of components. The analyst can save any designed processes and load it to run automatically at a specified time and or after assigning the required access level share it with other analysts within the organization.


Visual analyst

The visualization software enables analysts to visualize the information about their entities and relationship between them in the form of relationship, event and entity graphs involved in the form of time lines ordered by important revealing communication patterns. The filtering and search capabilities of this software help analysts quickly remove unwanted information from their visualization results and hence only focus on important issues. The ability to calculate statistical indicators and indicators of the centrality of social media analysis and to change visual characteristics, such as size and color, helps analysts to identify key entities and relationships and organized activities hidden within the network.


Location analyst

Location Analyst software, fulfill the needs of analysts to analyze the location of different events, identify the pattern of events and entities in the context of time, better understanding of spatial relationship of events and entities, and identify sensitive areas. In this software, analysts can use existing geographic maps from different data sources simultaneously and add current geographic information in common geographic formats in the form of layers to desired maps.


Information Recipient

The Information Recipient software allows analysts to record information and or on-demand documents obtained from entities, their events and their relationships through information entry forms that are generated automatically based on the data model within the STAR’s information repository. When registering values in the form, the information recipient through STAR’s fuzzy search technology retrieves similar cases that were previously recorded in STAR’s Information Repository and display’s user’s new records or edits to prevent duplicate data entry. Furthermore, the information recipient prevents the entry of information that violates the rules defined for the information repository, such as preventing two different users with identical national card numbers being recorded.