Cybersecurity Strategy

Do not overlook the warnings of common security systems and actively deal with new and unknown threats. STAR helps you to get insight into cyber protection techniques against organizations threats.

With the dramatic increase in the threats and risks of cyberspace and their high potential destruction, the importance of cyber security is becoming more evident. According to a report released by the Washington Post in 2014, cybercrime would cost $ 440 billion a year to the global economy. The nature of the attackers in cyber threats entail unpredictable hackers to constantly change their methods of intrusion and attacks and not to pursue certain behavioral patterns. These attackers attempt to act in normal behaviors and avoid behaviors sensitive to security systems.
Today, cyber defense includes a wide range of strategies and actions, such as the use of antivirus, firewall, SOC, SIEM, DLP, CERT, IPS, IDS, and ISMS implementation. However, the evolution of these strategies comes after evolving and changing the pattern of cyber-attacks and responding to them. Thus, these strategies are always a step behind invaders and should not be overlooked in sensitive institutions that are repeatedly targeted by cybercrime attacks. Concepts like Zero Day attacks are examples of the inadequacy of these solutions.


How does STAR help?

STAR’s cybersecurity strategy enables organizations to detect hidden threats in the bulk of the organization’s cyber data. STAR combines diverse data such as antivirus logs, VPN, proxies, DNS queries, DLPs and background data such as employee email logs, the use of enterprise systems, presence in physical locations of the organization and other relevant data sources, increases the organization’s ability to detect advanced cyber threats that traditional security solutions are incapable of identifying. With the help of STAR’s analytical tools, security experts of organizations will not just take into consideration well-known risky patterns, but will also consider and identify unusual behaviors that maybe the result of new patterns of attacks. Various software features of STAR help forensic analyze of security incidents and detect suspicious and abnormal cases by experts and aiding them to quickly identify the origin of malicious events and activities and cyber vulnerabilities of organizations.


Easy interaction with massive cyber data

The large amount of data and their distribution in various resources with diverse structures is one of the barriers to extensive and deep analysis in discovering new patterns and advanced threats. These problems hinders analysts to devoting a considerable amount of time to the preparation of data and not the analysis itself. The STAR platform, by collecting a variety of cyber data and mapping all of them into an integrated data model and offering advanced features for diverse searches within mass data, eliminates this constant challenge for security analysts.


Discovery of Advanced Threats and Unknown Patterns in Data

STAR’s analytic algorithms, along with a variety of features to define complex innovative scenarios by security experts on combined cyber data sources, will require an organization to go beyond common security strategies to identify new threats and unknown risky patterns. Suspicious and unusual behavior identified by STAR is a top priority for risk experts to be able to analyze deeper into the application space of the STAR platform. If a new attack pattern is discovered, after examining abnormal behaviors, experts can provide the means to automatically monitor and respond to similar behaviors.


Widespread and deep forensic analysis

STAR’s cybersecurity is a series of software application for visualizing and analyzing relationships between entities and seemingly unrelated events, observing the timelines and sequencing of security events, location analysis of the origin of threats and attacks on geographic maps and other widely used analysis, the ability to check suspicious cases based on its dimensions and from different angles and rich forensic analysis for security analysts. Sharing the results of these analysis with the help of the STAR’s platform capabilities to enhance organizational collaboration will lead to a comprehensive upgrade of knowledge of security in organizations as well as increasing the organizations knowledge on new threats.