Data Analytics Group


We believe that organizations in various industries and fields, through modern technologies, can analyze their available data more extensively and deeply than ever before and through gained environmental knowledge and human intelligence as well as using machine processing power they are able to follow their mission more effectively. Our mission is to provide context for using such technologies by providing innovative products and solutions.


Our efforts within our first steps

The rule of law is necessary for society’s growth and excellence and without it deterioration is inevitable. In today’s world, various crimes and misconduct threaten this principle. Disobeying the law in various areas will inevitably disrupt peace and order of society together with diverting from the prospects of flourishing talents attained through social justice. As part of our efforts for a better future, the Mohaymen Data Analysis Group, is committed in taking first steps of a long journey, for organizations that are attempting to establish order, enforce laws, prevent and deal with all kinds of crimes and threats across the country, by providing innovative tools and solutions based on the latest technology in the field of data analysis, in successfully helping them to complete their critical missions.
In the digital era, crime prevention and enforcement has taken a new form. The electronization of many activities and processes and the development of the use of communication technologies in the past few years has led the country’s regulatory authorities to face a massive wave of diverse digital data. Such data encapsulates valuable information that may forecast, prevent, detect and deal with crimes and offenses. Helping to extract these valuable pearls from an ocean of data is the target of our products.


When we started our work

In the first years of our work (2010), in many regulatory authorities, data analysis and exploitation of data were performed at a minimal level. Information exchange, analysis, and analytical methods were all deemed very rare and the only tools at the disposal of analysts within such organizations were very stringent software only capable of generating simple reports. A large part of the analysis process was carried out manually by the analysts. If the analyst required to perform deeper analysis, the analyst would need to have learned programming or would need to wait in a long queue of requests for their technical team to respond. Furthermore, most of the data mining projects run by data mining professionals in various organizations ended with hopeless results.
Today, we are prepared to change such conditions in all regulatory agencies based on our successful experiences and innovative products and solutions.


Our vision and working ethics

We do not believe in complex tools and those that are fully based on intelligent algorithms that can extract valuable information independent of analysts and experts. The reason behind the failure of many data mining projects around the world is due to such a wrong viewpoint. We believe that the machine cannot replace the analyst in hypothesis and ideology to solve complex problems. The power of the machine is in implementing complex calculations on a large amount of data. That’s why our approach in producing diverse products has led for analysts to be equipped with a range of powerful software tools that allows them to focus on using their own capabilities and for the machines to carry out repetitive and heavy processing. In our view, software algorithms are not alternatives to analysts.
Product development and providing solutions within the analytical domain have led to two results. First, we need to pay close attention to the flexibility and interoperability of user interfaces in software development. Within our products, analysts should be able to search and analyze their diverse and accessible data as well as evaluating their hypotheses on the data. Secondly, consultation and training on the use of new tools and techniques, analysis methods, the production of custom algorithms for analysts and customization of software in the form of software development projects has become an integral part of our work.


The future that we strive for

We hope that in the second five years of our operations we will be able to use our experience gained during these years and through the continuous development of products and technologies to replicate our successful supervisory experience within regulatory fields to other remaining areas and to provide intelligent based data analysis in large organizations.