In 2009, as a group of graduates from Sharif University of Technology in Iran, with the aim of enhancing indigenous knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Communication, we set foot onto a rough path. Since our start-up, by prioritizing the main needs of the country and by enhancing knowledge and awareness in the use of information technology and security, we have always delivered up-to-date knowledge-based solutions and products for data processing and analysis. During these years, the result of continuous and hard work of our colleagues in the form of an integrated and united team has led to the production of unique products that are currently being serviced, with a focus on value creation, to large organizations.

Our viewpoints and practices

Wholeheartedly we believe that the creation of unique achievements requires the use of elite, committed and idealistic workforces. For this reason, from the very beginning, we have been actively encouraging elite science and technology students and graduates in the field of information technology. As one of the first knowledge-based companies in Iran (approved by the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology) our work has been acknowledged through many awards and honours.

Our Customers

We have had the honour of taking large steps, as not just project contractors, but working alongside and being acknowledged as partners of our customers. Today, our products are being used by large-scale organizations as value created services within the country.

Our Customers

Our Organization

Our 300+ employees are currently working in a team-driven and dynamic environment within four groups of telecom, data analytics, mobile and security.

Our Certificates and Approvals

Through our successful performance in providing products and services in our field of activity, we have been able to obtain certificates and approvals from competent authorities of the country.


High Council of Informatics

  • Ranked 1st in producing and supporting customer service software
  • Ranked 1st in computer data network and telecommunications
  • Ranked 1st in security of production and information exchange
  • Ranked 1st in Support Services
  • Ranked 1st in advice and supervision over the implementation of informatics, information technology and communication designs
  • Ranked 1st in Providing Afta Management Services for the Consultation and Development of Information and Communication Security Standards
  • Ranked 2nd in Producing and Presenting Main Frame Computers
  • Ranked 2nd in Presenting and Supporting Fundemental Software, System and Tools

Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology

  • Registration of Mohaymen Co. as one of the first knowledge-based companies – October 2013
  • Registration of eight knowledge-based products and services

Information Technology Organization (AFTA Strategic Management Center)

  • Certificate of National Information Security Management System
  • Certificate for operating plans to secure vital infrastructure of the country
  • Operating licenses in the field of operational services – testing & security assessment

Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

  • Operating license for software development in order to develop & expand information technology