Big goals
create lasting achievements

Eight years ago, with the aim of raising knowledge in information technology and communication within the country, we set foot onto a rough path. The result of our continuous efforts, from our team of colleagues, have been the production of exclusive products that are presently being serviced and that create value to large-scale organisations.

This is our story


Through our collective efforts and cooperation from a team of top graduates and graduate students from Tehran’s top universities and with the formation of four specialized groups, we have developed innovative and high-tech solutions and products. Our agile and purposeful organizational structure, based on specialized groups, has created an effective way of delivering services to our customers.


Our software systems brings intelligence to your organization by providing the ability to design, run, analyze and optimize business processes... More >>


By presenting solutions based on novel messaging technologies, we convert your smartphones into a powerful tool for maximizing all of its features... More >>


Improving the security of information sharing and efforts to nationalize technologies in this area has been one of our main approaches. We have taken an intergrated approach in improving security and in delivering unique products and solutions... More >>

Data Analytics

Our efforts are to take advantage of the latest data analysis technologies, bring understanding within the contexts to organizations and inject intelligence into their decisions and activities... More >>